​​Steve Graf Memorial Site

Steve and his famous all-purpose box

Steve in the mid-80s with family cat Ogie, daughter Allie and baby Steffi

Steve and family:     Allie,         Steve,           Carol,          Kim,      Jackie,    Steffi

Steve at granddaughter Jackie's birthday party

Steve and family at daughter Steffi's (in front) at OWU   basketball game

Steve and family at daughter Steffi's college graduation

Steve on the back door step feeding Winnie the raccoon

Steve and members of the Graf clan

Steve and Simon cat getting some work done

Nancy Hughes and Steve at the farm in Lawrence, KS

Steve, dad Art, brother Doug

Steve celebrates during family party

Steve and Carol Graf practicing their stilt walking

The Zero Brothers: Steve (Zeke), Jack (Zack), Og (Zog) (mid-1980s)