Steve and Elizabeth Haughton at Orlando IPTC

Daughter Kim and Steve at Orlando IPTC

Steve makes notes during a CSETI training near Mt. Shasta

Steve models long and short ties

Steve prepares to climb the Great Sand Dune near Crestone, Colorado with other participants during a CSETI training

Steve chats with keynote speaker Professor Joseph Felser at a Monroe Institute Professional Seminar

Steve with colleagues at a Monroe Institute Professional Seminar

Steve prepares a presentation (Og in the background)

Steve receiving his YSU retirement plaque in 2005.

Steve surveys the landscape before CSETI event near Asheville, NC

Steve and YSU colleagues

Steve observing a presentation

Two images of Steve making a presentation on UFO/ET phenomenon

Og, Rick Kubina and Steve

Steve preparing to video tape a presentation

Photo of a photo of Steve that John Eshleman captured at an ABAI conference.

Two cartoon characters drawn by Steve

Steve searches for energy vortices near Crestone, Colorado

Og and Steve

Steve and the Dpm SCC

Steve delivering the keynote, Hi-yo Precision Teacher, at the 1988 Orlando IPTC

​​Steve Graf Memorial Site